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America’s Safest Homeschool Sport

Student athlete registration is February 1 – March 25!

Each athlete is required to register with his/her team prior to March 25, 2024 at Noon CT through the Athlete Management System in ClayTargetGo!.

America's Largest Clay Target Shooting Sport Organization


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Reported Injuries Since 2008

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Join America's largest youth clay target shooting sport organization.

The USA Clay Target League is a nonprofit corporation and the nation’s leading independent provider of clay target shooting sports to secondary and postsecondary schools. The League’s priorities are safety, fun, and marksmanship – in that order.


Back to Nature Learning Center (OH)North Strafford County (NH)
Central Cecil County (MD)Northeast Harris County (TX)
Central Clay County (IN)Northeast Jackson County (MO)
Central Greene County (GA)Northwest Douglas County (NE)
Central Montgomery County (KS)Northwest Geary County (KS)
Central Oswego County (NY)Northwest Lafayette County (WI)
Central Paulding County (GA)Northwest Orange County (CA)
Central Pike County (KY)Northwest Pierce County (WA)
Central Stephenson County (IL)Northwest Weld County (CO)
East Central Clay County (FL)RCHC (KS)
East Central Cortland County (NY)South Central Beltrami County (MN)
East Texas Homeschool Sports (TX)South Central Jackson County (KS)
Eastern Walsh County (ND)South Central Lake County (FL)
EPIC Homeschool Academy (MI)South Central Stone County (MO)
NOAH (OK)South Central York County (ME)
North Central King and Queen County (VA)Southeast Monroe County (MI)
North Central Lancaster County (PA)Southwest Saratoga County (NY)
North Central Nelson County (KY)
North Central Suffolk County (NY)
North Shore Maui (HI)


PullUSA Magazine is the official publication of the USA Clay Target League! Every quarterly issue provides athletes with interviews with top shooters, gear reviews, student and team features, along with tips, information, and more!


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